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As retreat and big group leaders ourselves, we know the importance of community and coming together in a place that is special to support each other, foster healthy relationships with the self and others and support your business or family. This is why we created Desert Dimension and this is why we have created our VIP membership program.  For those groups who would like to use the property for longer periods of time, multiple times a year and/or a regular or annual basis we have created a loyalty program where you pre-purchase bulk days at a largely discounted rate. This is an auto-billed commitment for a minimum of one year. Days do not roll over.  Pay monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. Claim your days after your first payment. There are no black out dates. Dates are chosen on a first come first serve basis.  This program is limited.  Please apply below. 





•  Submitting this application does not automatically approve you for enrollment in the program. You will be contacted with our decision. If you are enrolled you agree to the following:


  • Commitment is 1 year minimum.

  • You must still pay the $275 cleaning fee per stay.

  • You are liable for any damage or missing items. A $250 security deposit is taken that will be refunded as long as nothing is missing or damaged. 

  • You are liable for other fees if you incur them including pet fees, property damage fees, etc. 

  • Failure to follow all local laws + property policies will result in (1) you having to finish your contracted payment agreements (2) you are being re-enrolled in the program (3) you cannot stay at the property / use the dates. 

  • There are no black out days: you can choose your dates as soon as your first payment is accepted.

  • All payments are done on autobilling. There is a 5% late fee if payments are declined. 

  • You can change your reservation up to 5 days prior to your booking. There is a no cancellation/refund policy within 5 days of your booking. 

  • There are no roll over days: if you do not use your dates in the designated year, you lose them. 

  • There are no refunds and the VIP program is nontransferable. 

  • The number of people in the home may not exceed the number of guests in your reservation confirmation without our prior approval .  

•Your sole right to access the property begins with the 4 PM check-in and ends at the 10:30 AM check-out, unless other times are approved in writing in advance. Check-in is not allowed after 9PM unless approved in writing in advance. If you violate these rules, we may charge up to 50% of the daily rate for an early arrival and/or late check-out.


• Dogs are allowed with prior written permission, only with the payment of an additional cleaning fee + pet fee, and only at certain properties. Dog owners agree to the following additional rules: dogs may not be on furniture and if your dog is prone to shedding you must clean up after it; if your dog is prone to potty accidents in the house, please roll up the rugs before hand and take your dog(s) often to avoid this, and clean up all messes (we are not equipped to shampoo furniture or rugs or dry clean bedding after your departure); outside the house dogs are to be leashed at all times (there are coyotes in the High Desert, which present danger to unleashed dogs) and owners must immediately pick up after their dogs and deposit waste in a plastic bag and place it in the garbage bin; dogs are not to be left unattended in the house at any time. In addition to our additional dog cleaning fee, we will deduct the costs of extra cleaning or repairs necessitated by the presence of your dog(s). Pet fee is $100 for up to two pets; $100 per additional pet. There is a $100 security deposit taken that is fully refundable. 


• Recreational vehicles, motorcycles and camping or other overnight accommodations outside the home not approved in writing are not allowed. Violations of this policy will result in termination of the reservation with no refund.


• We do not guarantee the speed or availability of internet service. Internet service is provided by a satellite and/or wireless provider and may be subject to more fluctuations and outages than you are used to. No illegal or abusive use of the Internet access is allowed.


• Cell service may not be available at the property due to the rural nature and geography of the area.


• The High Desert occasionally has power outages. We are not responsible for any general outages of Southern California Edison.



• Guests who utilize a home’s hot tub and/or pool do so at their own risk and we are not liable for any personal injury or other damages associated with such use. Guests may not use glass or pottery glassware, plates, etc. in or anywhere near any such water amenity. If any glass or pottery ware is broken in or near a water amenity, you will be charged the full amount to drain and refill the amenity and for any lost revenue during such service. Guests may not leave minors unattended at any hot tub, or pool.


• Guests shall allow the property owner or any designated workers access to the property for landscaping and routine maintenance, cleaning, repairs and building inspections, and pool and hot tub repairs and service.


• If for any reason beyond the control of the owner, the property is unavailable, we may cancel your reservation with only a refund to the actual fees and / or deposits you have paid.


•  This is a smoke free property. Smoking   is not allowed on the grounds. If these rules are violated, we will charge a minimum of $250.


• Propane firepits or fireplaces may not be used for burning wood or any other materials (it is illegal pursuant to a county ordinance and may damage the fixture). If any combustible materials are burned in them/



Guests are responsible for paying for to repair or replace  anything they damage (broken, stained, etc) on the property or anything stolen or missing, 


Refund Policy: Due to the high nature of the property being rentals we offer no refunds for any reason.

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you with details + payment information soon. We are looking forward to your time in the desert.

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