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November 12-15, 2024

4 great days+ 3 great nights of togetherness, fun, holistic health and the desert! Escape to the desert in a rejuvenating retreat full of  yoga, sound healing, Reiki, breathwork,  hiking at Joshua Tree National Park, a hot springs soak, yummy food, community, peace, self reflection + fun!  All are welcome!


This retreat is led by Shawna Schenk of Yoga With Shawna on her desert retreat property, Desert Dimension, with her partner, John Bebbling. Desert Dimension is located in Twentynine Palms, CA. This land is 5 acres out in the desert, about 15 minutes away from grocery stores, restaurants and Joshua Tree National Park. It is the rustic desert: dark and quiet, vast and inspiring. We are in the middle of no where off a dirt road.  It is approximately a 3 hour drive from San Diego. The experience is one of a kind: the desert is a very healing, powerful and humbling place. 

The price of the retreat varies upon the sleeping arrangement you agree to. Your stay includes the chosen accommodation for the 3 nights, 4 days plus  all meals, classes, and activities  listed on the schedule, access to all the amenities on the property including hot tub, gameroom, zen garden, hammocks and sitting areas, outdoor + indoor kitchen, bathrooms + showers, affirmation path, outdoor library, etc. Read more on our amenities here.  See a map of the property here.

We offer both indoor + outdoor accommodations. We have a limited number of rooms, domes and campsites, so space is limited.   Community activities, meals and holistic classes will be done both indoors + outdoors. For pictures + details on each of the different sleeping accommodations  go here. 

Please select the sleeping accommodation you prefer:
Do you have a vaild national park pass?



 3:00 PM: Check In / Welcome Smudging + Tarot Pulling 

Get settled into your room or campsite. Explore the property. Connect with the land + each other. Get a smudging to cleanse your energy and pull one tarot card to represent the journey ahead!

4:00 PM: Gentle Hatha Yoga +  Sound Healing 

Stretch your body after your travel to get to the desert. This 50 minute gentle hatha class will release tension and restore the body. Various sound healing instruments will be played as you move and stretch to bring peace and harmony to the mind and body. The class will be outside as you absorb the energy of the desert. 

6:00 PM: Community Dinner

Build Your Own Taco Bar with:

Organic Seasonal Grilled Veggies  // Organic Soft Tortillas  // Organic cheese, sour cream, guacamole + various salsas  // Organic Beans // Organic Rice // Elote // Organic Tortilla Chips 

7:00 PM:  Intention Setting Ritual

Stretched and fed, we are now settled and can make time to set our intention on what we would like to leave and what we would like to attract during our desert retreat. We will engage in meditation, journaling, oracle card reading, and revisit the tarot card pull! You set your intention for the relaxing, renewing and magical three days ahead. We want you to leave the desert feeling fresh, lighter and aligned. What is that you want? The desert can help grant your wishes. We will share our intentions (if you feel others) or listen to other's and what they want + wish!



 Hot Tub, Karaoke, Games + Black Light Lounge, Firepits, Stargazing = Hammocks (optional)

Soak in the color changing hot tub with lavender aromatherapy to charge your chakras and release tight muscles. Sing karaoke and play the various games in our fun lounge. Lay down in our far out black light lounge. Be silly. Have fun. Bond with others. Relax. 

Nighttime Plant Medicine Bath: Before you go to sleep, stop by the


“The Holistic Bedtime Station” (optional) Here you will find a number of essential oils you can put on yourself to help you deeply sleep + rest well along with different teas for sleeping + a great  night's rest!  


7:00 AM: Teas, coffee subsites +  fresh fruit will be left out for your leisure. 

9:00 AM: Energizing Vinyasa Yoga 

We will stretch and move in this fun, flowing vinyasa class that honors movement and breath leaving you energized and ready for the morning. 

10:00-10:30 AM: Breathwork with Aromatherapy 

To energize the mind, breathwork is the medicine, so after our 60 minute flow, you will center yourself in this 20 minute breathwork experience  where you will be given an essential oil to help center breathe deeper in the  practice. 

10:30 AM: Community Breakfast

Organic Yogurt Bowls with fresh, local fruit, granola and honey // Breakfast Tacos  // Toast, pastries, jellies and nut butters  // Organic mushroom teas + coffee substitutes + superfood creamers 

11:00 AM: Desert Crystal Labyrinth Walking + Zen Garden + Hope Pole Ritual 

You will be guided on how to walk the labyrinth (and what a labyrinth is) and then you will walk  the labyrinth; you will engage in a hope ritual with our Hope + Peace Poles  and then have time to meditate in our mini desert zen garden. 

 12:30 PM: Joshua Tree National Park Hike + Picinic Lunch 

We will check out the park, hike and have fun exploring along the trails, with the  Joshua Trees, and with the rocks of this amazing National Park.


We will:

  • do a 30 minute hike (rated easy)

  • meditate + journal in the park (bring a journal/ you will be given a prompt) (optional)

  • share a small picnic lunch you can enjoy on the rocks (organic salad + snack)

FREE TIME: The rest of the day is yours. You can continue hiking in the national park. Explore the eccentric towns of Twentynine Palms or Joshua Tree. Go thrifting or shopping. Dinner is on your own tonight so you can check out the great and funky restaurants the town has to offer (we will give you a list of our favorites!) or come back to the property and enjoy its amenities (read  a book in a hammock from our library, look for crystals on the property, walk the affirmation path,, etc) and cook your own meal in the outdoor or indoor kitchen and dining areas on the property. Light snacks will be provided back at the retreat center.



DAY 3 

7:00 AM: Teas, coffee subsites +  fresh fruit will be left out for your leisure. 

9:00 AM: Morning Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is  a noninvasive and powerful type of holistic healing that leaves you feeling more like you. In this group Reiki session you will receive an individual Reiki session and channeled message that will balance and restore your energy. All you simply have to do is lay down in the group and receive. You will start your day off on a high vibe!

10:00 AM: Community Breakfast

Green Smoothie + Aacia Bowls with granola, fresh fruit, nut butters + cacao 

1:00 PM: Lunch: Lentil Burgers + Potatoes 

5:00 PM: Yoga: A balancing yoga practice to destress the mind + body 

6:00: Dinner: Budha Bowls: Grilled Veggies + Quiona 

8:00 PM: Sunset Hot Springs Soak: Soak in the healing waters of a geothermal hot spring in private granite tubs under the stars. The dark night sky can in the hot water leaves the openness to explore all the brightness in the sky above! What will you see? 

DAY 4 

 7:00 AM: Teas, coffee subsites +  fresh fruit will be left out for your leisure. 

9:00 AM: Yin Yoga 

We will hold poses for 3-6 minutes to deeply restore the body. The perfect compliment after our hot springs night soak.  Yin Yoga is also perfect to prepare for lthe travel ahead. 

9:00-9:30 AM: Sound Healing 

30 Minutes of sound healing with various sound healing instruments to leave you balanced, centered and calm. Class is done outside. 

10:00 AM: Community Breakfast

Organic Oatmeal, fresh fruit, brown sugar +  honey // Organic Veggie Quiche // Toast, jellies and nut butters  // Organic  teas + coffee substitutes + superfood creamers 

11:00 AM: Meditation + Reflection 

We will sit in stillness with the desert + reflect on what our magic time together brought to leave here clear headed, energized, and balanced.  

12:00 PM: Check Out



  • Guests can enjoy indoor showers and bathrooms. There is also a portapotty outside + outdoor shower.

  • If you have dietary restrictions let us know. You can bring extra food and snacks to eat at any time. Guests can cook in the outdoor or indoor kitchen + store food + drinks in the outdoor or indoor refrigerators. Grills, griddles and stoves provided.

  • Snacks will be provided throughout the trip! 

  • Filtered water is provided. There is a coffee maker; although we will not offer caffeine on the retreat, you are welcome to make your own coffee . 

  • WIFI

  • You must be pet friendly: your hosts John + Shawna have two dogs, a 125 pound St. Bernard who is a big lover knows no boundaries and a 5 lb Chauhauha who is sweet + feisty all in one. These two fur babies will be staying in the house (sleeping in our bedroom) but do keep that in mind if you are sleeping in the house.

  • No refunds or credits. We understand things happen but due to the limited availability and nature  of this retreat, we cannot afford to refund guests who have to cancel. All  are sales final. We thank you for understanding. 

  • The property is still a work in progress. We have so many great things to share with you and we are looking forward to spending our time together. There will be things in construction but this will not effect any of our offerings at the retreat or your stay. 

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you with details + payment information soon. We are looking forward to our time in the desert.

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